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Complete Solutions for Your Smart Security Needs

Residential Security Solutions for affordable home security with features that include "smart" technology for 24/7 monitoring and control.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems with the latest technology for fire and smoke detection, and carbon monoxide or freezing temperature alerts.

Up-to-date Business Security Systems offer alarm monitoring including interactive security, intrusion detection, panic buttons and more.

High-Definition Resolution monitoring solutions including 24/7 recording, remote access, IR Nightvision all with a reliable and secure platform.

Why People Choose to Work with Us

Arkansas Security gave us the best price and great service. They took the time to really explain what our security system would and would not do. Their technician was fast, professional, and friendly. I have referred two of my neighbors to them so far. I recommend them for sure."
-Cheryl B
“Ken and his team are professional, customer service driven and they offer the best equipment available in the market.... They made sure the package we purchased fit our needs and it was installed the next morning! We felt completely comfortable with our system before they left the job. Great job guys!”
S. Richardson
“ They installed my system the day after my house was broken into. All my jewelry was taken, including some of my grandma's jewelry that can never be replaced. My whole family felt violated and scared to be left home alone after our house was broken into. Now, we all feel safer in our home knowing we have a security system. The installers were very nice and explained each piece of equipment. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!” 
-Sandra Ward
“At Straight's Lawn and Garden, Stephanie's Musique and our Residence, Arkansas Security was on time, courteous professional, knowledgeable and actually returned very promptly to take care of a few minor issues (unlike the competition who can not be seen or heard from again!)”
-Brad Richards, Straights Lawn and Garden

Smarter Security for Your Home

Doorbell Camera

  • Two-way talk lets you answer your door from anywhere. 
  • Smart alerts that give advance notice of surprise visitors

Smart Locks

  • Lock and unlock your front door with the Smart Home App
  • Get notified when the door is left unlocked
  • Give certainusers with access to the door at certain times of the day
  • Technology protects against unauthorized entry

JD Power™ Award Winning 24/7 Monitoring

  • 24x7 monitoring is there to respond to an emergency even if you can't
  • Need help? Our Smart Home Specialists are always available to assist
  • ASAPer - Instant mobile Group text  with people on your account

Indoor / Outdoor Cameras

  • On-demand access to 20-second video clips
  • Get notified if motion is detected while you're away

Automated Thermostat

  • GeoFencing technology keeps you comfortable while conserving energy while you're away
  • Custom alerts from your wireless thermostat
  • Wireless thermostat with Smart Home integration
  • Save hundreds of dollars per year in energy costs

Garage Door Control

  • Open and close your garage door with the Smart Home App
  • Get notified when the garage door is left open
  • Secure technology protects against unauthorized entry

Smarter Security for Your Business

Video Surveillance

  • 1080p h.265 compression
  • Night Vision
  • Remote Viewing from Mobile App
  • 24/7 Recording

Thermostat Automation

  • Control and automate your thermostat from your Mobile App
  • Save thousands per year on your heating and cooling
  • Control Min/Max manual changes from your phone

Fire Alarm

  • Fire Alarm Systems
  • Notifications
  • Monitoring -Emergency Services

Access Control

  • Easily add and remove new employees / customers
  • Schedule access times per person or in departments
  • Get notified when people access the  building

Listen to how this Business Owner monitors their business with one app!

Arkansas Security is the number one rated security company in Northwest Arkansas. Whether you need Security Cameras, Fire Alarm, Burgler Alarm, Access Control, Thermostat Management, Remote Door locking or Remote Garage Door management Arkansas Security is your go to company. 

 Arkansas Security has proudly served the Northwest Arkansas Community for the past 15 years. http://nwaalarm.comNew Paragraph

The highest-rated security company in NWA for 10 years and counting.

Arkansas Security has the knowledge and years of experience to make your home both smart and simple to protect. We understand that products and features that aren't convenient just aren't useful. Take advantage of our experience and research to get yourself a security system package that you'll understand and trust. Sign up for a free quote today!

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